Wandz.ai’s Predictive AI platform collects in-session data from online visitors to build and run real-time models, accurately forecasting future actions and behaviors.

Predict the Intent Affinity Conversion Subscription Retention LTV
of Any Visitor With
Real-Time AI Technology

Wandz.ai Technology is Trusted By

Make predictions that move the needle.

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Create an adaptive AI model with just a few clicks

Choose from dozens of pre-built templates to forecast visitors’ intent, or craft your own predictions from the ground up, leveraging live user data and extensive historical journeys.

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Flexible framework for training.
No code needed.

Choose your quality score metric, such as precision, recall, accuracy, or F1. Define the audience for training and training time frame. Instantly see training results against your historical data.

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Publish as many models as you want and take action in real-time.

Leverage Wandz.ai’s robust cloud-based infrastructure to run multiple models simultaneously, allowing them to compete and deliver optimal results to achieve your desired goals.