Predictive AI for Online Businesses: Build or Buy?

If your business operates online, then the question is no longer whether to adopt predictive AI, but how to implement models that are right for you. To build or buy is always a question surrounding the emergence of any new technology, and predictive AI is no exception. But given the huge investments of time and […]

Traditional Vs Adaptive AI

Digital consumer culture and behavior is constantly shifting, and the success of those who provide services online is often determined by their ability to adapt to and preempt these changes. Recently, the advent of AI has caused the most seismic transformation to the digital realm in a decade, resulting in the automation of many previously […]

Why Real-time Predictions Are Critical for Modern AI Systems

Nowhere does the phrase ‘Time is of the essence’ ring truer than in the hypercompetitive field of online business. Split second predictions and personalizations enabled by first-party data solutions are fast transforming the arena, and mean that those who don’t act in haste will repent at leisure.  With user anonymity increasingly the norm, these predictions […]

Anonymous Users: What You Need to Or Can Know

Anonymous users form a huge proportion of site users, around 90%,  and pose a challenge for businesses that rely on existing user data for their decision-making. However, data from known users is only the tip of the iceberg: unrepresentative of anonymous users, who behave differently, and who likely form a much more significant part of […]

Using Artificial Intelligence to Infer Visitor Intent

For many years, user-level data has been the go-to solution employed by eCommerce sellers for inferring visitor intent. However, recent developments in data privacy regulation mean that this method is becoming untenable. Using AI alongside session-based intent analysis can provide a startlingly accurate picture of your visitors’ intent, permitting you to predict their actions and […]