We Are Wandz.AI!

The Wandz Story

Wandz.ai was founded with a mission—to revolutionize how online businesses make decisions and take actions today – from looking at historical events after the fact – to act in real-time based on the future.

For that hard mission, the company uses deep Predictive AI technology that analyzes real-time events, predicts the future on the spot, and allows the business to take immediate action. Our guiding principle is to give the power of Predictive AI to businesses, and allows them to PREDICT ANYTHING about ANY VISITOR – as an open, easy to use platform without the need for any coding skills or knowledge in SQL.

Wandz.ai is not just an Adaptive AI platform; it’s a visionary force transforming the game. Crafting real-time predictions of visitor intent and orchestrating seamless actions within the customer experience, wandz.ai allows businesses to navigate the digital terrain with agility, unlocking their full growth potential.


Enhance customer interactions and provide businesses with the ability to foresee the future