Empowering Data & Analytics Teams to Predict Anything About Anyone, in Real-Time, With Predictive AI

Wandz.ai is a Predictive AI platform that collects in-session data from online visitors to craft and execute real-time models that predict their future actions or attributes.

The Challenge

Today, online businesses make decisions based on historical data and lack the ability to adapt to changing events in real-time. This disconnection impacts businesses’ time to market and their potential to grow and evolve.

The Revolution of Wandz.ai

Predictive AI models learn from the in-session behaviors of your visitors, predicting their intentions using non-PII, cookie-less AI features that are collected and analyzed during the session.

Wandz.ai is an adaptive AI platform that enables companies to build any prediction models they design, train them based on their data set collected by Wandz.ai, or even leverage Wandz’s industry models (trained on over 1.5 billion global visitors), and integrate them into other tools to take real-time action.

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