Predictive AI Platform That Lets You Predict Anything About Anyone

Collect large amounts of signals and non-PII on visitors in real time without any cookies. Use it to predict their future actions or behaviors throughout the customer journey.

AI Feature Collection & Management:
No Code Needed

  • Use a large set of pre-populated data signals on visitors, the devices they use while browsing, and the journeys they undertake.
  • Do It Yourself: Create any data signal of interest using a flexible framework that allows importing any data point in real-time from the browser cookies, storage, and the DOM.
  • Utilize all these data signals and integrate them into your prediction models.

Audience Management:
Segment Your Population For Prediction

  • Use's pre-built audiences or create your own using a flexible tool and an easy-to-use user interface, without the need for a single line of code.
  • Integrate these audiences into your tools in your data, technology, and business stack: CDPs, analytics, advertising, and personalization.
  • Define the audiences for training your prediction models and to which audiences these models will be published.

AI Predictions Modules:
Create, Train, Publish!

  • Create: Choose from dozens of pre-built templates to predict anything related to visitors’ intent – or start from scratch based on the metrics that matter to you, building on live user data, and billions of historical journeys.
  • Train: Validate your predictions against real-world data to identify issues with reliability, bias, or accuracy. Add or remove features, retrain, and fine-tune your model to predictive perfection.
  • Publish: Unleash your model and receive live predictions on site or app sessions – enabling you to take instant action, enrich your CDP, or collect higher-quality data for downstream analytics.